Desert Challenge 2018

9th Feb, 2019 To 13th Feb, 2019

Desert Challenge is a new addition to our calendar. As the name suggests, the Desert challenge involves driving on sand. There’s however a small twist to the tale. This event is a fusion of Off-roading and Rally driving. 

A challenge which will involve you to put your thinking cap on as the challenge changes each day. Off-roader one day and Rallyist, the another. Instead of catering to hardcore off-roaders or mainstream rallyists, we want enthusiasts to step ahead and register as you don’t need a Rally prepared vehicle to participate. We provide vehicles for this event. The best part is Mahindra Adventure will provide each team of two participants with 4WD Scorpios. 

The participating teams will have to complete a certain number of given tasks. The event will be divided into stages which will be spread across three nights and four days, some stages will be done in the night. 

Judging parameters are simple. Each team will be judged on the set parameters and completion of the given set of tasks and at the end of four grueling days in the desert, the winning team will will walk away with a cash prize of Rs 3 lakh. The team that finishes second takes home Rs 2 lakh and the second runners-up get Rs 1 lakh as cash prize.

Please note: The Desert Challenge won’t be a timed event nor will it involve treacherous off-road obstacle driving.

Sign up for the Desert Challenge today and hone your skills of driving on sand.

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Monday, July 17, 2017 - 18:44
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