Ooty Great Escape

9th Nov, 2014

Instituted almost two decades ago, the Mahindra Great Escape offers Mahindra owners a chance to go off-roading in controlled circumstances. Great Escapes provide the ideal forum to meet-up with like minded enthusiasts and participants drive through a course identified by Mahindra. Expert recovery teams ensure that every one reaches back to the base for a late lunch. Mahindra Adventure has added a twist to this theme by introducing the Off-Road Trophy class. Those who enter under this category are subjected to some rigorous off-road tests and the four winners get to participate in the grand finals held at the prestigious Off-road academy at Igatpuri, near Nasik, Maharashtra. And yes, the winner drives home in a brand spanking new Mahindra Thar!
  • Great Escape Date: 9th Nov 2014.
  • Participants have to reach the venue by 7.30 AM for registration and breakfast.
  • There will be a briefing session by 9 AM to explain the dos and don'ts, post which there will be a flag-off.
  • The event gets over by lunch time wherein all participants gather and cherish their moments during the event along with lunch.
  • Also there will be the prize distribution ceremony for the winners of off-road trophy in the respective location.
  • The participants will depart for their home post lunch.

Venue Details:

  • Contact Person- PVS Murthy- 09740732000
  • Reporting time- 8 AM

Judging and Winners Selection Criteria:
Total winners from each event: Four as per the category below Categories – 

  • Stock category (mud/terrain, off road tyres allowed) – 2
  • Modified category – suspension modification including body lift, engine modification – 1
  • Ladies category - 1

All the ORT entries will be assessed over each obstacle on the following parameters –

  • Approach (the smoother entry, more points)
  • Drive Through (whether the driver could complete the obstacle in one go – reversing/touching tapes will result in losing points.
  • Vehicle preservation (the more gentle you are with the vehicle, the more the points
  • External help – maximum points for no external help

(Though the above parameters are strictly adhered to, the judge’s decision may depend on the actual situation, safety and weather patterns. And the judge’s decision will be final and binding)

Mahindra reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any event without prior notice.

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What is Mahindra Great Escape all about?

Mahindra Great Escape is a one day off-roading event wherein Mahindra customers are invited to experience their
vehicle's off-road capabilities on a route carefully chosen by professionals.

Participants also get a chance to learn various off-road driving techniques like use of 4x4 systems,
recovery and more.

What is the Great Escape program schedule?

  • Participants have to reach the venue by 7.30 AM for registration and breakfast.
  • There will be a briefing session by 9 AM to explain the dos and don'ts, post which there will be the flag-off.
  • The event finishes by lunch time where all the participants gather and recount their moments during the event
  • over lunch.
  • There will also be the prize distribution ceremony for the winners of the off-road trophy in the respective location.
  • The participants will disperse for their home post lunch.

How many members are allowed per car to participate in Great Escapes?

Only 2 members per car are allowed to participate.

What is Off-Road Trophy?

Off-roading is the competitive side of the regular great escapes. Participants would be evaluated on their driving techniques. There would be 4 winners from each region who would in turn compete in semifinals & finals. Winner in finals takes away brand new THAR CRDe as grand prize (conditions apply) The second position in finals is entitled to free participation in Monastery escape expedition and second runner up takes home a set of Maxxis mud tyres. There’s a separate category for women drivers who compete for women’s category trophy

Each region would have the following winners –

  • Winner stock category
  • Runner up stock category
  • Winner modified category
  • Winner women’s catgory

In the absence of women drivers, we would give away runner up modified category/ second runner up stock category The participants would be judged on the following criteria-

  • Approach technique
  • Drive through technique
  • Use of external help
  • Vehicle preservation

The judges are chosen by Mahindra based on their off-roading experience and would be best in business. The scores are subjective and unless decided, there won’t be any timing involved. The judge decision is final and any protest won’t be allowed. Vehicle classification-

  • Stock category- No modifications, including tyres. As in the spec delivered from factory. AT tyre could be considered as stock if everyone else is either on AT spec or above.
  • Modified category- MT tyre modifications and anything else that enhances off-road of the vehicle as compared to a stock vehicle.

Judge / Mahindra official present at the event would have a final say in vehicle classification based on inspection if required.

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