15th April, 2014

Go Goa Gone

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By Kamaljeet Gulati

After a year of marriage Harmeet Gulati decided to take his wife Kamaljeet on a holiday. What better place than Goa, he thought. But this wasn’t going to be the usual come-to-Goa-get-drunk-make-merry routine. He added a twist to the holiday…he decided to do it the Mahindra Adventure way – Authentic Goa!

Kamaljeet shares her Authentic Goa experience, driving on the by-lanes and off them too in North and South Goa over a span of four days.

The party started from the first day and continued till the very last day of the expedition. The hippie theme party was the show stealer. To my surprise, my husband Harmeet was more excited than me. We spent hours shopping for the right attire. That evening, in the true hippie style we set the dance floor on fire.

The first day kick-started with the Time Speed & Distance (TSD) rally. This was our first professional rally and winning was never the ultimate goal. We are proud to have completed the rally in time without losing a single track. While we thoroughly enjoyed the scenic drive, I had a tough time doing TSD calculations. Towards the end, I did manage to figure it out with Harmeet.

The adventure quotient kept going higher each day. River rafting was added to the Authentic Goa itinerary for the first time! Initially I was scared and reluctant to enter the gushing waters, a few minutes into the session and I was completely overwhelmed. I am short of words to express the wonderful feeling we had while rafting.

On the last day of the trip, it was time to put our machines to the ultimate test of strength and power. It was time for the off-roading session. Creating a ‘donut’ in the mud slush with our Mahindra Thar was a thrilling experience, something we don’t get to do in our everyday city lives.

We, as a couple, have had a blast and enjoyed every bit of the adventure, laced with the best Goan cuisine. It has been a memorable get away and we do want to ‘Get Lost’ again soon.

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