19th December, 2014

Maverick Off-roaders

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A safe haven for off-roading junkies, Chandigarh is a land of unorthodox off-roaders. It’s where men don’t fear the treacherous trails that test the might of their machine. And that is the reason why the Great Escape in this region never fails to give enthusiasts an adrenalin rush.

All self-doubts were forbidden at the tracks even for the 2WD and 4WD category participants who took on natural trails. The 4WD Trophy category participants played up to the challenges that awaited them, as they aspired to clinch a place among the contenders for the mega face-off at Igatpuri in February 2015.  The winner of The Off-Road Trophy Challenge takes home a brand new Thar. Off-roaders participating under this category were given four obstacles. Since it was a fairly large group, participants were divided in two sub groups. While the first group did the first two obstacles, the second group did the last two obstacles, and then vice-versa. 

In the first challenge off-roaders had to drive up a rock step which lead to a stream. They then had to exit through a two and a half feet tall waterfall. Quite a few participants had their vehicles beached in the stream. 

The second obstacle was a timed reverse drive through, made more edgy with a couple of articulation ditches on the trail.  The obstacle was technical and only the skilled drivers made it through.

The third challenge was tricky as only 60% of the participants cleared the obstacle. Off-roaders had to drive through a slush pit and then cross a small ravine. Cones were placed as bunding on the track and participants had to drive on the assigned path with articulation. Off-roaders who drove with precision placing their 4x4s’ wheels on the right rocks cleared the obstacle. The ones who didn’t, ended-up with wedged and damaged vehicles.

A technical hill climb was the last obstacle. The approach to the track was marked with cones and participants had to climb up the 30 degree slope, driving within the cones. Almost half of the participants knocked cones down. The exit path was nearly 15 feet apart from the drive up. The obstacle tested an off-roader’s vehicle control and driving precision.

As is the norm with Mahindra Adventure Great Escapes, participants were judged on four parameters – approach technique, vehicle preservation, drive through technique and use of external help.

The power packed Great Escape ended with off-roading stalwarts emerging victorious as they conquered each obstacle with precision. The day concluded on a fly adventurous spirit. 

Winners Board

Stock category
Winner: Gurbinder Singh

Runner-up: Sarvinder Singh

Modified category
Winner: Kapil Anand

Ladies category

Winner: Guneet Singh


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