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27th July, 2015

Club of Adrenaline

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By Debosmith Chatterjee

Yes indeed, dirt smeared faces make the best selfies!

A first-of-its-kind event where Mahindra Adventure gave various off-roading clubs around the country a battleground to fight the toughest battles to become the ultimate off-road club of the country. The battleground was set in Goa for 13th and 14th of July 2015.

The Club warriors who’d set out to conquer the new trails:

  • Adventure Achievers (Nagpur)
  • B.O.D.A (Bengaluru)
  • Charminar Off-Road Adventure Club (Hyderabad)
  • DOT 4x4 (Goa)
  • Incredible Off-Roaders (Goa)
  • KTM Jeepers (Kotayyam)
  • NIOC (New Delhi)
  • Pune Pathfinders (Pune)
  • Tamil Nadu Off-Roaders (Coimbatore)
  • V5 Coorg Off-Roaders (Coorg)


The off-road junkies with three beasts in three categories drove down to the destination. The categories were divided into:

Pro Stock: Only stock Mahindra Thar 4x4 (CRDe/DI) vehicles was allowed. This category only allowed a change of tyres (AT, MT), body lift, air intake (snorkel) and a winch along with off-road bumpers and protection. Open vehicles were not permitted. Maximum tyre size allowed was 31 inches.

Modified: The Modified Category allowed any Mahindra 4x4 vehicle with Mahindra powertrains. Legal modifications were limited to air filter, body lift, suspension lift, axle ratios, differential locks, exhausts, winches and other recovery equipment limited to sand tracks, high-lift jacks, shovels and snatch blocks. Maximum tyre size allowed 33 inches. A pintle hook installed for trailer operations was a must in this category.

Pro Modified: The Pro Modified Category allowed any vehicle with a Mahindra body. Chassis with open modifications were also allowed on engines and gearboxes. Petrol engines were permitted. Altered axles were legal. Maximum tyre size is 35 inches. A pintle hook installed for trailer operations was also a must.

Let the War Begin!

Day 1

Seven arduous hurdles over a span of one and a half days were thrown at the adrenaline junkies to test their might against each other. The devil’s twist was introduced by nature in the form of rains which made these obstacles even deadlier. The night kicked off with the Mucky Relay, where all the three vehicles categories had to participate. The obstacle was such where the Pro-Stock started the relay and handed over the flag to the Modified Class at a defined point and then passing onto the Pro-Modified vehicle. The obstacle finished once the Pro-Modified vehicle had passed the stop line and handed the flag over to the marshal. At no point, the drivers were allowed to step on ground during this handover.

The second obstacle for the night was a solo challenge – ‘No Man’s Trench’. Here, the Pro-Modified vehicle had to complete a set of manoeuvres in a trench which involved narrow bushes and a final climb, up a very steep slope. First day’s action lasted close to 1 o’clock in a rain-drenched and humid night, while the Goa-based Incredible Off-roaders came first, Kerala based KTM Jeepers stood second while Tamil Nadu Off-roaders earned the third spot.

Day 2

The next day’s action had a ‘rocking’ start with ‘Rock the Flags’. The brief was pretty simple; one had to collect all the flags within the time limit over a constantly shifting bed of rocks. Self-extraction wasn’t allowed. Simple isn’t it?

The next hurdle in the battle for supremacy was ‘Tricky Trail(er)’! An unhooked trailer must be properly attached and driven through the course within the time limit. All cones must be avoided. Hit on each cone will reduce the drive through score by 1 point.

Next up was the most awaited and the trickiest obstacle of the event, called ‘Demolition Derby’.

Complete the course by climbing over a man-made metal obstacle without getting stuck. Easier said than done… Let the image speak for itself.

The last obstacle of the day was ‘Make Your Own Path’ that aimed to test the teamwork. The teams had to complete a semi-constructed bridge to get the Pro-Stock vehicle across. The Modified vehicle crew members were only allowed to help in the construction and for guiding the Pro-Stock vehicle. Needless to say, this seemed the easiest but the most energetic hurdles of all.

To sum it up, the first ever Club Challenge ended on a successful note of promoting the spirit of off-roading in India. The teams were united for some refreshments at night and the event concluded with pledge of being better and meaner next year….

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