Scotland of the East Off-Roaders

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It is believed that the lust green rolling hills of Shillong reminded the Britishers of Scotland. Hence Shillong is fondly referred to Scotland of the East.  With the second edition of the Shillong Great Escape the number of Off-Road Trophy entries have gone up almost four times, from last year. We can now safely term Shillong as the Scotland of the East off-roaders.

While the eight regular trail drive entries went on to explore the off-road tracks that the 2WD can conquer, the 25 Off-Road Trophy contenders geared up for their obstacles after crossing a stream that led them to the four obstacles that lay ahead.

Under the first obstacle, participants had to drive through a series of alternate undulations. Off-roaders had to negotiate along the track without lifting the wheel. The obstacle was a breeze for short wheel base Mahindra vehicles while the long wheel base guys had to be creative in their approach.

The second challenge was a 45 degree descend. Participants were judged on the basic criteria of their ability to primarily use the engine for braking.

Drive through alternate deep pits was the third off-road task. Contenders who drove diagonally to avoid getting beached, scored points. Veteran off-roaders knew how to maneuver their 4x4s through tight spots and were right up in the points tally.

The final obstacle was nerve wrenching. Nearly half of the contenders were stuck and needed to be rescued. The obstacle was a timed run. Off-roaders had to drive through a slush pit. Once the slush pit was cleared they then had to drive through a long loop in reverse gear, straighten the vehicle and once again drive through the slush pit to reach the spot where they had begun the obstacle.

In the end there was cheer galore as the first four contenders of the Off-Road Trophy 2015 had made it above the rest in Shillong.

Winners Board

Stock Category

Winner: Bishar Passah
Runner-up: Meet T Tariang

Modified Category

Winner: Eugene Niangti
Runner- up: Shan Ker Swer


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