16th April, 2014

The Super Mod

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How do you improve upon an automobile that has never stopped scaling new heights on the sales chart? Well, if you go by the Mahindra way, then it is by refining and thereby improving it over the years. While the production version of the Bolero has seen constant improvement over the years there was a need for a version that would literally stand out in the crowd – enter the Customisation Division.

Since the first generation of the Bolero in 2001, Mahindra has launched four variants and five modded version from the Mahindra Customisation stable. The latest from the in-house customisation team is the Bolero Super Stinger which takes the rugged image of the highest selling Indian SUV to an all new high.  What you see here is a new version of the Bolero Stinger that was unveiled in 2008. While the Stinger is powered by 97hp CRDe engine, the Super Stinger is powered by a 2523cc m2DiCR diesel engine producing 62.8 BHP of power and 195 Nm of torque mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox, similar to the stock Bolero.

The Bolero Stinger in its new avatar is styled to cater to the urban youth that would warm up to this variant as a driving companion in the city and on road trips. This SUV’s tough exteriors are complimented by a stylish scoop bezel, multi pod headlamps, 16 inch alloy wheels, custom paint and re-profiled bodyline.

Retaining the Bolero’s strength of being an off-roader, the Super Stinger has been further equipped with a snorkel, roll cage, fog lamps, skid plate to be a well-rounded off-roading machine. The rear body shell has been chopped off from the third row to make room for a cargo bay. The bumper has also been redesigned.    

The interior now has new-age features such as a touch screen infotainment, home theatre audio visuals, unique mood lighting, heads up display and independent TFT screens. The Instrument panel is high on style with dual tone colours matched seamlessly with the door trims. The genuine leather upholstery adds to the premiumness of the Bolero Super Stinger.

External Features:

·         Young and aggressive front Facia

·         Multi pod with projector lamps lights within stylish bezels

·         Flared wheel arches

·         Snorkel

·         Checkered finished all steel foot step cum rock slider

·         Macho alloy wheels

·         Broader tyres

·         Roof connected carbon steel roll over bar

·         Styled cargo cover

·         Modified rear bumper

·         Slit beam type Tail lamps

·         Lockable and secured boot space with aluminium lining

·         Dual Muffler cutter

·         Sunny yellow paint job with metallic chrome hints and pearl finish

Interior Features:

·         Colour co-ordinated dashboard

·         Brushed aluminium finished interior trims

·         Leather seats with wide Lumbar support & comfortable ergonomics

·         Heads up display

·         2 DIN touch panel infotainment head unit

·         With integrated Reverse camera & navigation

·         Mood lighting on floor

·         High intensity central woofer

·         Plush Interiors

·         High-end fabric roof liner

·         Premium white dome light

·         TFT monitors’ on the seat backs for rear seat entertainment with central connectivity to infotainment system and option of individual viewing-USB, SD car DVD enabled.

The Customisation Studio in Mumbai takes about 5 weeks for the mods. “This is extension of our customer centric philosophy to cater to the segment of people who strive for customised vehicles because these vehicles are essentially a representation of the individual’s personality,” says Arun Malhotra, chief - sales & customer care officer, Automotive division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. “As against the general perception that customizing a car is not as easy (or as inexpensive) we are offering the single window convenience and value for money customised solution with end to end protection to factory warranty and additional warranty on the customised variables in the vehicle.”

Limited Edition

•       Customised bumper with projector lamps

•       Customised front grill, spare wheel cover

•       LED cluster assembly above headlamps

•       Customised dashboard with round AC vents

Stinger 1

·                  Custom build bull bar with fog lamps.

·                  Styled bonnet clad, fender scoop and rear number plate clad.

·                  LED tail lamp with bezel.

·                  Quarter window air scoop.

·                  Cargo bay with cover.

·                  Over – head amber indicator marker lamps.

Stinger 2

·         Custom designed front bumper with fog lamps.

·         Customized front fascia with new grill and headlamp.

·         Styled bonnet clad.

·         Roof mounted fog lamps.

·         Off-roader type foot rest.

·         Colour co-ordinated interiors with leather seats.

·         Restyled door trim with utility space.


·         With axe, shovel and jerry can holder

·         extra powerful fog lamps, tri beams highlights

·         Bumper, bonnet and body clad full of attitude.

·         it’s about making a statement.

·         Working snorkel

·         Inner linings for all interior and customized dashboard.


•       carefully styled elements which goes with tough image of bolero.

•       Styled front bumper with LED elements.

•       Twin rectangle head lamps, custom painted exterior

•       Leather interior, modified center console and customised trim panels


To know more -

Mahindra Customisation team can be reached at:

Arif Rizwy
DGM - Accessories, VAP & Customisation.
Email -

Vaibhav Ambetkar
Deputy Manager Customization.

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